Dermastir Ampoules – Blue Lotus Stem Cells 3ml x 10 pack

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Blue Lotus flowers were found scattered all over Tutankhamen’s body when the Pharaoh’s tomb was opened in 1922. Blue Lotus is often depicted in Egyptian art held in the hands of the Gods and royalty. It is said to be the Soma of the Egyptians symbolizing life and rebirth. It was traditionally and effectively used to regenerate, relieve inflammation and to increase circulation. The Blue Lotus elixir has often been referred to as the “Egyptian Fountain of Youth”.
The skincare properties of the blue lotus flower not only increases collagen production but also slows down the depletion of it. It has powerful antioxidants and bioflavonoids which help strengthen blood vessels and improve the delivery of oxygen to the cells and  assists in the treatment of inflammatory skin disease

-Regenerates and smoothes the skin

-Fights against ageing of the skin

-Collagen production

-Reduces losses of Collagen

-Antioxidants protect skin by limiting the production of free radicals, which can damage skin cells.

-Improves oxygen delivery to skin cells

-Treats skin inflammation

-Professional Luxury Skincare 

-Made in France


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